PA Lottery Agile Workflow

January 2018-December 2021 PA Lottery Agile Workflow

When I started at 9Rooftops, our team was super disorganized. Projects were tracked in a single spreadsheet, and tasks were assigned through email and in-person conversations.

As you can imagine, this led to all kinds of chaos.

It wasn't clear who was working on what at any given time. Projects could grind to a halt if someone was out sick. Getting other members of the team up to speed when somebody needed a hand was a chore. I saw an opportunity.

I approached my boss to discuss some ideas for improving communication within the team and delivering better results for our client. I chose Trello for its generous free tier and low barrier to entry, while providing enough flexibility to allow us to scale if the experiment worked.

A few years and more than a few iterations later, we're still using Trello to track projects, delegate work, and collect documentation and onboard new team members. I've created a public version of our workflow using Outdoor Fun Network as a template.

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